Possibilities of getting xbox ring of death fix in under 40 minutes

First of all I want to welcome you to my blog about getting xbox ring of death fix in under 40 minutes, I really understand how you feel when your Xbox 360 was fine just a minute ago, then out of the sudden its turns blue then it change to green ring light and after that it turned to shade of red..Now you probably wonder if you could fix your xbox 360 again not to mention in shortest time as possible.

Believe me that this is possible for you to fix your Xbox 360 under 40 minutes if you have a right Xbox ring of death fix guide and follow the steps in that guide carefully.

I also believe that you might come across in searching to fix your Xbox on your own some not only it is weird method but these methods are unreliable too. I don't know about you but I think these method like “Towel Trick fix on Xbox 360” does not making any sense at all because things like towels can catch fire easily and wrap around your Xbox is promoting this thing to get burned not fixing it.

I advised you do not ever try this towel trick at all because it simply don't work and you simply put risk on getting your Xbox console burned and also to the extend endanger the life around you too if the fire is big enough to burned your house.

Apart from this weird and unreliable trick that I have mention to you just now there are also a misguided tips that claimed that he or she showing you the way of opening the case of your Xbox 360 console and fix the problem yourself with a soldering iron. In the end, these misguided tips not only could not solve your xbox ring of death fix but also you risk your console to void warranty due to if you are not careful you might get your console much more worser state than before.

In my opinion trying these two tips and tricks that I just mentioned to you are not worth at all, To me, I rather return my Xbox 360 to Microsoft because it is simply safer way to do then risk losing my Xbox console forever by trying the two methods that I shown you just now. However, There are factors that you should consider when sending your console to Microsoft.

One of the factors is Money,When sending your Xbox 360 to them, you need to prepared at least $150 depends on the shipping costs although this cost may varies if your warranty have not expired yet because you only need to pay the shipment cost fees only.

But what I do not like about sending Xbox 360 to Microsoft fix it is that they took their own sweet time to fix it and to be frank to you that they usually get Xbox ring of death fix in about 2 months, I think that is not fair to us even if we are not a avid gamer.

Although I think in my opinion it is better to let Microsoft fix your Xbox problem since they are the ones who create these Xbox consoles anyways but would you like to know a way that in my opinion are much more better method to get Xbox ring of death fix possibly in under 40 minutes plus it cost much more cheaper then you send your consoles to Microsoft itself?

It is a Xbox ring of death fix guide that made by James Dean. This guide not only will teach its readers to fix the red ring of death whenever someone encountering providing them comprehensive easy step by step video tutorials but also it provide excellent customer service support from a experience person repairing Xbox 360 console itself and the best thing about this service is all free.

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